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Escursione Catania

At the foot of Mount Etna in 729 A.C. the Greeks founded the city of Catania.
Eruptions and earthquakes have repeatedly destroyed the city over the centuries. Of particular note are the lava flow of 1669 and the 1693 earthquake that leveled the 'whole city. Following this catastrophic event Catania was rebuilt on the ruins of buildings giving the baroque style and appearance that we know today.

But Catania has also suffered from the activities of man as well as for those geological. Many were in fact the dominations that have occurred over the centuries, Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Normans, etc. that many times they changed the 'appearance of the city. For innumerable times when Catania is destroyed and resurrected on his own debris it is called the Phoenix City.

The Sant'Agata Cathedral, the Elephant Fountain, the Ursino Castle, the Roman Theater and Amphitheater, the Bellini Theater and the splendid gardens of Villa Bellini. And this is only part the monuments that we will see in our tour.

Bring with you: DO NOT FORGET!

  • comfortable shoes
  • hats for the sun
  • shawl or jacket, cover your knees and shoulders when visiting churches


  • Guida turistica
  • The entrance to the Cathedral of 2 €

Duration 6 hours